Photography: Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

When a couple decides to get married, a number of making plans can pass into the wedding ceremony and reception, depending on the dimensions. For huge weddings where the bride and groom move all out, there are cakes to select out, attire and tuxes to determine on, visitor lists to trim down, invites to ship out, and extra. When that big day comes, one of the most important matters a pair can do is record the event in pictures so that it will appear lower back, don’t forget, and relive the instant many years down the street. There’s no better way to do that than by way of hiring an expert wedding photographer.

One more thing to consider when making your Singapore bridal photography choice; the processing and editing phase after the occasion takes location. A professional photographer will know a way to leaf through the hundreds, or even lots of photographs taken, pick out all of the good ones and take those directly to the enhancing phase. During modifying, the photographer will optimize the raw photographs to get them looking better. When you prefer to have your pix taken by way of a person who isn’t skilled in this segment, your pictures might not be the quality they can be.

While it could be tempting to have Aunt Edna record the occasion along with her digicam, you may be lacking out on one of the essential reasons you need to lease a professional; experience taking photographs at weddings. Many wedding photographers have years of revel in and can be relied on to get your important moments snapped on the primary strive. A professional can even have all the important system — cameras, lenses, lighting fixtures, and greater — to take the quality feasible snapshots at your wedding. Someone less experienced in this field may not have the same get admission to that device.

Another purpose to bear in mind hiring a professional over a friend or member of the family is a pro photographer’s feel for in which the movement is going to be and which photographs could be the nice to take. This is a talent that takes time to broaden, and those who have taken pictures at many weddings over the years may have a good buy of revel in going thru such celebrations and knowing the great place to be in case a good photograph possibility presents itself. These can be the pix you look again on after years have surpassed and virtually experience the most, so locating a person who may be inside the right place at the right time is important.

Consider the benefits noted here ought to you begin down the direction toward tying the knot. You should save a touch little bit of money by handling the digital camera to any old person, but your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and it merits to be documented professionally. To know more about the top bridal shops in Singapore click here.


Passport Photo Success

Do you dread having your passport photo taken? Are you embarrassed to show it off in your pals? Well, you need not worry you do not should be an outstanding version to take an incredible passport photo. The key’s in ahead making plans.

Benjamin Franklin once stated, “through failing to prepare, you are getting ready to fail.” The identical precept may be implemented to having your where to take passport photo in Singapore. Follow these tips for first-rate outcomes that you could be pleased with; in spite of everything you may have to bring it around for the subsequent decade!


You can gain a passport image from several industrial outlets relying on your private preference it’s far even feasible to take the image your self. You will want to determine convenience and cost. DIY options are commonly less expensive but require higher degrees of IT enjoy. For professional outcomes you could visit a studio, happening this path has a tendency to be the most expensive. Whichever technique you pick to ensure you are definitely glad about the consequences before your passport photographs are published.


Make an additional special attempt for your non-public appearance. Plan a ride to the salon for a haircut color and style. This will make certain your picture looks true for years yet to come. Gentlemen preserve your facial hair groomed and tidy up the ones free ends on the day of your picture. Ladies whilst making use of make-up keep tones neutral, natural and matte, cover any blemishes with concealer.


Keep your garb easy and smart keep away from bold colorings, pastels, and contrasting styles. White is also a no-no as you’ll combo in with the historical past it also makes you look washed out. Instead, cross for the darker colors for extra evaluation. A passport photo has many specific uses so get dressed conservatively; an enterprise-like outfit will work properly.


To prevent the one’s luggage below your eyes, ensure you get enough sleep the night time before your passport picture is taken. This gets you searching your nice and bring a more attractive photo.


Some passport photo policies will not let you smile. However, this doesn’t suggest you need to look gloomy and down on the mouth. Relax! Think satisfied mind perhaps a state of affairs or character that might make you smile. Then maintain a neutral expression with each eye open and mouth closed. Take a while to guidance your pose in a replicate before you have your image taken.

So with a touch corporation, you should avoid the ones passport picture blues and be proud to reveal off your version photographs.

Make Graduation Day

We agree with commencement is a time for households to come first. Families come to look their children stroll across the stage, so the entire works from there,” important Tony Pallija advised Education World. While Pallija is an excessive faculty predominant, his thoughts about graduation make real feel across the grades. He and the personnel at of North Canton Hoover High School in North Canton, Ohio, make an extra attempt to talk cautiously and regularly with families about the imminent activities. “We spend the more postage to mail each circle of relatives an invitation to the rite alongside data approximately how many tickets they may acquire, parking, instances, get dressed You name it, we mail it.”


Many colleges take graduation family photo in Singapore shifting-up ceremonies. “I like to reward students with certificates and trophies that apprehend educational success,” said Donnette McNeill-Waters, main at Bennion Elementary School in Taylorsville, Utah. “If we can deliver trophies for kicking a soccer ball right into a net, then we will honestly praise instructional success and proper behavior.”

At Clinton (Michigan) Elementary School, main Marcia Wright sends off her 5th graders with a special rite that celebrates their finishing touch of the college’s DAR application.


Wright shared any other idea that may make commencement a totally special time. “This concept takes a little planning, however, it gives parents with a recording in their toddler’s voice every 12 months of faculty,” defined Wright. “In kindergarten, the kid is probably reciting their ABCs and in first grade, they may do a little studying.” In second grade they may recite a poem, in 0.33 grade their instances tables.

How to Build an Affordable Photo Studio?

Creative studio photography may be each challenging and profitable. In the beginning, when we just begin taking the first baby steps to enhance our pictures competencies, we continually start off by utilizing available light. Studio rental in Singapore photography does not take very long for the general public to figure out that it may be extraordinarily hard to create lovely pictures in low mild environments, in particular, interior. Naturally, we begin looking for answers on a way to get across the low mild trouble and we come to be buying faster lenses and higher cameras. Only to discover later that even higher and extra high-priced camera tools cannot nicely capture a badly-lit scene. The closing hotel then will become flash images – a subject that scares the heck out of many photographers out there.

The Light Source

The very first thing you’ll want to decide on is what light to go with. A dirt cheap manner to get into studio lights is to use non-stop “hot” tungsten or “heat” fluorescent lighting. You can purchase light stands with umbrellas and non-stop mild for roughly $one hundred mixed. But this type of setup has its own issues greater on the subject in a separate article and it genuinely educates you the way to deal with those low mild environments outdoors or in locations in which a strength supply isn’t always available. If you have got a hobby in continuous light, I would suggest getting into it once you learn how to use flash. Then you’ll realize exactly what you need and you’ll be able to get excellent from your gadget. Many high-give up studios utilize non-stop lighting fixtures because they could form the mild precisely how they want it. Precision and consistency are often required for professional studio photographers. But for a person like you, who are simply starting out, there may be no want to get into that territory. At least no longer yet.

 Light Stand, Umbrella, and Adapters

Similar to cameras, there are all varieties of light stands obtainable to choose from. For triggering speedlights in a controlled environment, I usually select the less costly mild stands I can discover. My preferred brand is Impact – they make incredible lighting equipment that regularly beats even top of the line products in pleasant, reliability and features.

Background Support System

A historical past support machine is not important, in case you are willing to do some greater work. You may want to use a white mattress sheet or a colored muslin as your historical past, which you can grasp off your walls. But in case you need something nicer and transportable say for taking it to photo company customers, then I might also propose to buy a good historical past support machine. We have already reviewed more than one historical past gadget and I for my part find the Impact Background Support System to be of high-quality fee see my evaluate right here. Savage additionally makes a virtually best “Port-A-Stand” help gadget and it’s for a touch more high priced than Impacts.

You will need more than one different things with the background machine. First, you have to determine whether to shop for paper historical past or muslin. Personally, I prefer paper, in view that it is smooth, reasonably-priced and if it receives grimy you simply reduce the dirty piece and roll down more. Plus, you do not need to fear about wrinkles and ironing. On the flipside, it takes loads more garage area. I would start off with 53″ Super White and 53″ Grey paper. If it proves to be too small for your needs, you could get large 107″ versions for larger tasks or institution shots.

To get more information for space and studio rental for events in Singapore click here.

Have you ever gone across stunning photography?

We have curated a list of overseas destinations for the pre-wedding photo shoot that will leave you speechless with their beauty. However, if you do not want to burn your pockets and still want to get picturesque photos for your pre-wedding photography, never underestimate what we have in our tiny sunny island. Whether you love the lushness greeneries or vibrant cityscape, we uncover the few best-hidden gems in Singapore for your pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore. For the couple that loves to explore the different parts of our sunny island, these places are for you. Tucked in the more isolated part of the island, these places might be deemed inaccessible but are truly hidden gems that could deliver you with bountiful scenic views. Well, the photos taken sure do not look like they were taken in Singapore.

 Think Seletar and the only thing people think of is the Upper Seletar Reservoir. However, if you are in for an adventure, Seletar Road does just right for you. With the abandoned old bus stop and black and white British Colonial houses, the place screams “Hipster”. Being tucked away in a corner of Singapore, you feel like you have gone back in time. With the charismatic backdrop, your photographs are going to come out looking chic and timeless. If you are looking for vast areas of grass or woods for romantic shoots, Seletar Road serves its purpose too. As dusk approaches, pose in the woods as the magic hour sets your photographs in a flattering hue.

Which place is better for wedding photos?

Tuas is slowly becoming the must go place for photo shoots by a wedding planner in Singapore. At the endless vast fields with tall grasses and lalangs, you could get some of the stunning shots when the sunrise or sunset comes out to play. It is rare to find empty areas of land in Singapore but you have aplenty in Tuas. Run around in patches of grasses or set up a mat for a picnic, you can definitely do any themes for your pre-wedding photo shoot in Tuas. With the bare land, barbwires, and fences, the photos are sure to exude rustic vibes. For the nature lovers, these places are sanctuaries on Earth. With plenty of greeneries and accents of Mother Nature, these places serve to provide you with the tranquility away from the concrete jungle. Get away from the hustle and bustle with your pre-wedding photo shoot at these locations.

As one of Singapore’s oldest landmark, Fort Canning oozes with distinctive charm and rich heritage. Sited just next to the wedding couples just could not give this place a miss for their pre-wedding photo shoot. With lush greeneries, your wedding photographer can sure make your photos look majestic. The stained brick walls and brown leaves sure add some historic elements to the photos too. Escape from the hustle and bustle of our concrete island and have your own fairytale-themed photo shoot in the woods of Coney Island. Lined with tall and dense trees, gorgeous wooden canopies and lalang fields, anywhere in Coney Island is sure to form a fitting backdrop for a dreamy and tranquil shoot


Why the Wedding Photography Professional Has to Be Flexible?

Flexibility is regularly noted as one of the maximum critical attributes in the person looking to cross into wedding photography. Wedding images itself, because the call shows, revolves around getting photographs of the ‘scenes’ and attendees to the bridal ceremony. It has evolved over time to be a quintessential part of the bridal ceremony so that there are many couples who may not allow their wedding ceremonies to continue without a photographer handy. And with the turning of the Singapore wedding photoshoot into a part of the bridal ceremony, we have seen the emergence of corporations absolutely in that line of business, who in turn employ the marriage pictures specialists. So the wedding photography experts are required to be fantastically bendy human beings.

But just why is flexibility such a vital attribute in a marriage pictures professional, one asks?

Well, flexibility becomes a critical attribute in a images expert given the circumstances below which he or she is in all likelihood to find themselves working in. For weddings, which might be the primary activities where most of their work takes region are noticeably unpredictable activities. True, modern-day weddings are normally almost perfect choreographed, with some couples being known to appoint expert choreographers for the events. This guarantees that the event starts right on time, fake pas are averted in the course of the occasion, and normally everything goes in line with the system.

But while the cutting-edge wedding may be flawlessly choreographed, it nonetheless remains unpredictable from a photographic point of view. The photography professional can not, for example, inform what number of and what type of photographs in sum, they’ll take throughout the bridal ceremony. Even the maximum predictable things, just like the need to take that crucial shot at some stage at the moment whilst the bride and groom are declared husband and spouse have a way of nevertheless supplying surprising challenges: like where they stand in this sort of way that obtaining a great shot turns into near impossible. Yet the marriage pictures expert knows that he cannot manage to pay for to miss this shot. And he additionally knows that he can’t find the money for to visit the front of the church or hall wherein the wedding is being finished, and ask for a higher pose from the couple. He must be bendy, himself, if he is to get an appropriate pose.

The Importance of a Pre-Wedding Shoot:

Overseas pre wedding photographer in Singapore encompass a pre-wedding shoot as a part of their packages as they feel it’s important to get to understand their customers before the wedding day. This manner the client can sample their fashion of photography and dispel any fears they will have about being photographed, so on the wedding day, they’ll appearance extra natural and comfortable.

The shoot takes location approximately three months earlier than the wedding day it’s far usually out of doors the use of herbal mild that’s more flattering and enables the photographer to capture the couple certainly. Often photos are taken of the couple individually in addition to collectively this gives them the experience of how they might be photographed on the marriage day.

There are endless blessings of a pre-wedding ceremony shoot; constructing rapport with your photographer because it’s a long day to have a stranger with you on your wedding ceremony day. Understanding how your photographer works and seeing the effects of your pre-wedding ceremony photos of the day and come up with the self-assurance that your photographer will seize awesome photographs of you both on the marriage day.

If your photographer has no longer photographed at your venue before it is a good possibility to mix the visit to the venue in conjunction with your pre-wedding shoot. If your wedding ceremony is taking area in autumn or iciness you could like your pre-wedding ceremony shoot to take location at your wedding ceremony venue inside the summer, this manner you may have a diffusion of contrasting seasonal snapshots out of your wedding venue.

Wherever you pick out to have your pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore include the revel in, because it’s a brilliant opportunity to have some relaxed spontaneous photographs collectively with a professional photographer as you can no longer have had any pics taken professionally of the 2 of you earlier than.


What Are The Popular Styles Of Wedding Photography?

When it comes to wedding ceremony images in Singapore, there are several styles that couples can determine to use in their very own wedding. So you have visible wedding pics set in a romantic mood, mushy topic, or amusing temper. But have you ever stumbled upon a few exceedingly interesting wedding ceremony photographs that genuinely stick out from the relaxation? Most of the instances these pictures will make your jaw dropped in amazement. You may also even think the couples spent a fortune to get these stunning snapshots.

Through the assistance of an expert artistic wedding photography in Singapore photographer, you can have beautiful pictures based on your preference for photography effect. If you have not determined how your photographs have to appear, right here are a number of the maximum famous topics in wedding ceremony pictures that you could bear in mind


Not all wedding pics require the couple to have a look at the digital camera. With so many wedding images you can locate online, you don’t want to look like most of the people of them. In the creative style of Singapore wedding ceremony photography, the couple’s willingness to enjoy the instant and have fun is essential to get the pleasant output. A wedding photography isn’t always just about the amazing capabilities of the photographer, however, the collaboration of each party to take each photo to the following level. If the shooter can supply artistic and unique moments which might be specific for the couple, the photos end up more unique.


The lifestyle theme in pictures is considered as photojournalism redefined. Most of the pictures look candid, but they are actually finished with some styling and course. These photos generally have a relaxed and approachable sense. An appropriate shooter will search for candy and candid moments to seize actual emotion.


 Have you seen your grandparent’s wedding photo album? If you’ve got fallen in love with their vintage snapshots, the classic topic makes a great option. There is usually something specific approximately classic photographs that made them hanging and enabled them to face the take a look at of time. Vintage-inspired images appearance glamorous and a chunk formal. These snapshots appear to reflect the fact, but they may be infused with the photographer’s artistic style. If you like a classic look for your wedding ceremony images, allow your photographer understand you would like a cutting-edge take on the pics you’ve got seen numerous decades in the past.


 Dramatic style has continually been a motif among many couples. This photography subject matter exudes a romantic feeling in order to really reflect at the very last end result of the marriage photographs. In a dramatic picture, the lighting fixtures are a key aspect to attaining the favored output. In case the solar isn’t cooperating during the marriage, the photographer ought to be able to create his or her very own mild in something manner simply to capture each moment. Some of the most dramatic scenes include sharing an umbrella beneath the rain, hugging each other along the seashore, and holding palms while looking the sun units.

Documentary Style

The documentary fashion of wedding ceremony photography in Singapore is rather exclusive from the relaxation. Rather than fairly styled pictures, the photographer captures spontaneous or candid pictures of the couple, visitors, action or decor in that unique moment. Instead of asking human beings to pose for the camera, he or she will look for the good backgrounds and angles that make everything look it is pleasant. The photographer will try and capture something actually from the couple to create higher moments. For more details click here.

Benefits of Professional Wedding Photography: Education, Training, and Experience

Your large day is drawing close and you have everything in order. You have your caterer, your church, your reception corridor, the cake, the jewelry, the clothes, vows are written, and the whole thing is in the area. Or is it? Who is doing all your pictures? Oh now not to worry – your cousin is an amateur photographer and he is taking the snapshots. It became an awesome manner to shave a few bucks off the finances. Good idea proper? Wrong.

Why is it not an excellent idea? Why do you need to rent an expert wedding ceremony photographer to your big day? Are pictures images, right? Again incorrect. There are benefits to having an expert conceptualized photography in singapore on your wedding ceremony and these advantages ways outweigh what you can shave from your budget by having a newbie do it totally free. These pix are the placeholders for the reminiscences of your wedding for the relaxation of our lifestyles. Your cake can be gobbled in a night. Your pictures will final longer than an entire life.

Your wedding ceremony day is one of the maximum critical days of your existence and those pics may be one of the maximum critical objects to your container of recollections. The extra extremely good the pictures, the greater brilliant the reminiscences could be. What are the advantages of hiring a professional wedding ceremony photographer?

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer: Education, Training, and Experience

An expert photographer is going to get you the high-quality viable images, the usage of the fine set and props. The photographer will make certain the lighting fixtures and angles are extraordinary. When you interview photographers in your wedding ceremony, remember you need someone with exceptional credentials. What are exquisite credentials? Education and schooling in pictures and years of experience, particularly with weddings.


The style is an important issue in why you should pick a professional wedding photographer. If you let a relative who is a beginner take your photos what fashion will they have? Do they understand they have got a fashion or are it all haphazard? You take a large danger by doing that.

Hire an expert whose fashion fits yours and who will give you the form of pictures which you want. Do you want present-day photographs which can be black and white and very stark however stunning? Do you want the greater traditional and formal fashion of photos, often in color with a set that everyone will recognize? Do you need pre-set pics from a listing you give the photographer or do you want candid, not preplanned photos? Can a newbie supply what you need in this area? Think this through absolutely and make certain your wedding ceremony photographer suits your goals and go along with a professional who will immediately recognize what you are speaking approximately while you say you want contemporary, modern photographs otherwise you need a traditional wedding ceremony portfolio.

Camera Equipment Knowledge:

You will need to lease a professional conceptualized pre-wedding photographer due to the fact they have the right device to offer you with the pictures and exceptional that you want. Your household or buddies may have a simply satisfactory virtual SLR with zoom lens, but typically they will nonetheless be handicapped via no longer having a spread of lenses and a couple of cameras of expert quality. The sort of photographic system used is as important because of the man or woman behind the digicam. This is your wedding ceremony day after all. You are seeking out the reminiscences of your life and also you need the proper professional gadget and the right professional with the schooling and revel in to make the quality use of it.

Benefits of having a photo booth at our next event

From wedding receptions to product launches, photo booths are popping up everywhere in Singapore. They can make any event fun and our guests will remember your event for a long time. If we are planning to hire a photo booth for our next event, but a bit confused about its benefits here are 8 reasons why an instant photo booth in Singapore makes a perfect addition to any event.

Photo booths are not expensive

Earlier, photo booths were hired for mega-events as well as celebrity get-togethers. Not anymore. Photo booths in Singapore are currently so popular that people are hiring it even for intimate private parties. Depending on the length of time and features we decide on we will be charged by the photo booth company, and it is not going to cost us much.

They can spice up any occasion

Corporate events, weddings, sweet sixteen’s, bachelor parties—photo booths can be hired for any occasion. We have a good reason for a photo booth basically anytime we gather a group of people together.

They require zero work on our part

We can hire it for three to five hours. It takes hardly any time to set up a photo booth. And we can chill because to make sure things run smoothly a staff member is with the booth the whole time.

We can customize photos to match our event

We can make our photo strips match our event palette. To make our event more memorable for guests we can add a logo on the photo strip. That way we can give our event more visibility.

We can find a booth that suits your fancy

Photo booths give us a lot of options. It is possible to set up an open-air booth or a standard enclosed booth that fits half a dozen people or a curtained booth that fits a dozen people. According to the number of guests, we will find the booth that works best for our space.

It is fun and a party favor rolled in one

Our friends and colleagues can take and the number of photos if they like because all companies offer limitless photo strips. Scrapbooking supplies are also given by many companies. So we will have a tremendous keepsake at the end of the night. We and our friends can order extra prints after the event, too.

Choose funky props

The best part of a photo booth in Singapore is all the naughty props. To get the party rolling it is standard to offer masks, goofy glasses, oversized hats, and other. These props will encourage even the shyest guest to take fun pictures.

We can make it personal

In addition to personalized borders and custom colors, we can get our party pictures customized. We can select any theme – the 70s disco theme or any funny theme of our option. We can even bring our own awesome props and get creative. These personal touches will make our event all the more special.


The advantages of a complete wedding package:

Give yourself the present of a stress-free wedding day. Let the body of workers appearance when you from the planning to the ship-off so you and your visitors can sit back and relax. There isn’t any want to coordinate carriers – everything you need for your best wedding is achieved on a web page to your genuine specs. All the unique details from the centerpiece plants and décor to the custom ice carving are taken care of for you. You and your fiancé will sit down and layout your customized wedding with the proprietor to make certain that everything fits your style.

The group of workers will manual you each step of the way. Bring on your idea snapshots and allow them to do the rest. The chef will cook you a full 4-route sample meal so you recognize exactly what you and your guests will enjoy to your wedding dinner. Let them tailor it to your tastes and make it your very own. You will sample and pick out every direction, inclusive of your custom wedding cake. Your guests will choose one in all your two entrée alternatives on the day, so you don’t have to fear about gathering the meal order months earlier. They can select what they are within the temper for. The kitchen can accommodate unique nutritional alternatives, inclusive of vegetarian, vegan, celiac, and meals hypersensitive reactions. They also provide youngster-pleasant meals.

By choosing a cheap pre wedding packages you are making it easy on yourself to stick to a budget. You are making the wedding of your goals low-cost. You recognize exactly what your wedding will cost upfront and ensure there will be no surprise prices. You will know exactly what you are booking, right all the way down to how many bodies of workers may be there to wait on you and your guests.

On your wedding day, the ceremony area and reception room will be equipped upon your arrival – no work on your friends or family. Your customized printed menus sit on white double linen tablecloths and linen napkins with the candle holders and vases of your choice. Start your unique day in a non-public trade room for you and your bridesmaids. Bring your make-up artist and hair stylist and get geared up in peace and quiet. The beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres are geared up, your track is being played, and you are prepared to stroll down the aisle in a lovely background garden. Your guests can be served chilled refreshments after your ceremony. The staff will display them to their seats at the reception, so you do not want to spend it slow on name tags and seating charts. Enjoy your 4-path meal even as wine stewards maintain your glasses complete. You and your fiancé can dance the night time away even as the staff plays your favorite track for you. All the clean up could be accomplished for you. A private protection defends could be on duty all night. At the stop of the night time, he and the staff will call taxis to your visitors to make sure everyone receives home safely.

Every detail of your massive day may be seamlessly and expertly coordinated. Let the professionals take care of the whole thing so that you can surely enjoy your wedding.

To read more details about cheap wedding packages in Singapore click here.

Benefits of an engagement photography session

We have been working as a wedding photographer for many years, and over the years we have had the honor of photographing a number of couple’s love stories. In many instances, it begins with an engagement photography session.

The benefits of an engagement photography in Singapore, apart from the obvious getting comfortable with being in front of the camera before your wedding day and getting to work with your photographer, the couple ends up loving the experience because it seriously is a lot of fun … and nowhere near as intimidating or daunting as they imagined. The couples are rewarded with beautiful portraits in clothes that say more about them because they are not wearing their wedding attire.  Often it is a couple’s first ever time sitting for professional portraits, so it is a valuable investment if only for the fact you feel more relaxed on the big day.

We love the opportunity to photograph a couple’s engagement session because it is a way I can get to know the couple prior to the wedding day. We do believe in building a better relationship with my couples as that is the magic to getting great wedding photos.  After all, we are spending an entire day with the bride and groom on their wedding day, and we believe it to be beneficial for us to feel like we are friends on the wedding day, rather than the couple feeling like they have a business professional sticking a big camera in their faces.

Some of our favorite places to photograph couples are the powerhouse, street parklands, the botanical Gardens, and the streets around laneways, a grungy alleyway, car park, around industrial warehouses or the beach. It is best if the location tells a story about you both i.e. where you had your first date, got engaged or reflects your lifestyle.

The engagement photo shoot can be any time before the wedding – some couples rather do it closer to the wedding and around the time of preparing your wedding invitations to include photos with their invites, others prefer to do it not long after they secure our photography as their wedding photographer, and others time it around an occasion or a season if they are after something particular – for example, if you want beach engagement photos it is better to be on the beach in the warmer months.

The images can then be used for save the date cards, wedding invitations, wedding guest book or photo slideshow during your wedding reception, as well as having some beautiful images to hang on your wall or display in a portrait album to start your family portrait collection. We have a range of photo display products available.

To see what other couples have had to say about Boots Photography as their wedding photographer read these wedding photography reviews or what wedding blogs and bridal publications Boots Photography has featured in. To read more about what we offer as a professional wedding photographer in Singapore, click here.



Overseas pre wedding photographer Singapore is a good way to explore a new country and capture your romantic travels together. This 3-step guide can make planning your trip a snap! Wedding shots done abroad is a good way for couples to get a vacation in and relax on the job. If you are longing for something you cannot find locally, say a shot of your veil blowing across a massive expanse of sky and red desert, a shoot abroad could be simply the ticket. The climates overseas are usually more conducive to three-piece suits and heavy robes too.

Overseas bridal shoot in Singapore 271x182

  1. Choose a location:

First of all, think about where you would prefer to take the photos that mark the beginning of your journey as husband and wife. Maybe he surprised you with a trip overseas and proposed against an impressive mountainous skyline. Your wedding shoot can hold a lot of significance if you select somewhere meaningful to the both of you. If you have a special place you wish to shoot at, ask if your photographer can plan to go there. The pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore will make their wedding as a memorable by their photographs.

You could additionally very well take advantage of the shoot to enjoy a holiday with your beloved. Take a break from wedding designing and stay on at your chosen location to see the sights.

  1. Choose a photographer

You’ll be flying overseas for your photographs, and you wish to make sure you’ve got all the details right before you go. The necessary thing is what kind of expertise the photographer will give you, and how well he takes care of you throughout your whole experience. Look for somebody who is aware of the ropes, and someone who can click with to get the best out of your trip.

For taking wedding photos abroad, affordable wedding photography in Singapore nowadays offers a range of packages that make things more convenient. They fly around the world too, so it all depends on what you’d prefer to capture and what outfits you want to wear. Most packages also enable you to bring your own wedding finery. The studio will inform you what else you should bring on, such as your own set of pantyhose, girdle or socks.

Some studios offer a complete package where even your flights and accommodation are enclosed. Do remember to check if your package includes travel and stay, and whom they are for. However, choosing to book your own could be more convenient when you’re going to stay on and vacation after the photograph taking session is over. With budget airlines flying everywhere recently, you could score a great deal if you book early as well.

  1. Discuss the shoot with your photographer:

Once you have arrived at your shoot destination, your photographer will brief you on the shoot’s itinerary. What locations you have to visit and what type of shots you capture will depend on your personalities and tastes. Do discuss with your photographer what you hope to capture to commemorate your love, because the more he gets to know you, the better he can customize the shoot to suit you, and you will feel softer and relaxed around him as well.