A careless step on your slippery floor can result in undesirable accidents and you could need to be hospitalized. There are lots of answers to be had to make the floor no slippery and prevent undesirable twist of fate. Thanks to the anti-slip coating, you may circulate effortlessly everywhere throughout the floor without the fear of falling down. As ‘prevention is better than cure it is good to deal with the floor with special slip resistance coating before any slip and fall twist of fate. Here we will speak the distinctive regions in which anti-slip coating remedy can be used to prevent slip and fall.

Lobbies and Entrance

Entryways or front is a common region wherein slip and fall generally takes vicinity. Normally during summer and on dry days, it does now not create trouble however it turns slippery at some point of snowy and rainy days. It can emerge as relatively risky as someone getting into quickly into the access way without noticing the wetness will easily crumble. The special non-slip coating can be used on the floors and they are able to make resistance to slippery. Once those coatings are applied one want now not fear about the climatic situation or whether alternatively, they are able to walk freely at any time.


Next not the unusual location where slip and fall typically are steps. Needless to say, when steps are moist one ought to without difficulty collapse without their knowledge. Normally steps have traction strips which give resistance towards falling but strips are usually not made in smaller steps. Not to mention, tumbling and falling down from steps can purpose serious injuries now and again which might be life-threatening.

Best way to prevent slippery step is to perform anti slip floor treatment in Singapore, this safety measure ought to glaringly save you any slip and fall accidents. Traction strips also can be used as a precautionary measure to keep away from slippery fall.

Walking Ramps

It is common to slip and fall in taking walks ramps in the event that they do not have handrails to keep or if the ground lacks traction. Walking on a slope typically wishes traction in any other case there are excessive chances for one to lose the stability. Anti-slip treatment can be executed on taking walks ramps with the help of specialists. Definitely, this special coating acts as a resistance towards slip and it’s going to save you one from falling down.

Wet or slippery areas

Floors which normally get slippery encompass work regions in a home like washing regions, automobile service station, work areas in a garage in which oil spills, and so on. Those areas are fantastically prone to accident any time, treating these areas with a special anti slip coating in Singapore is prevents fall and injuries which will be fatal and expensive as properly.

The anti-slip coating may be given to the already present slippery flooring or to those that need a new one. It is needed to keep a near watch whether or not the anti-slip coating is alive to avoid untoward incidents. The slip check requirements must be observed for safety. There are cheap slip-checking out measures like BOT-3000, Pendulum, SlipAlert, Tortus etc which might be reliable too. For people who are making plans to go along with the flooring plans, anti-slip tiles and stones are also to be had. They are assured to remain slip-resistant for a long time down the road. They come in a diffusion of textures and colors too.