Choosing the proper pole dancing class for a beginner can be a bit daunting, and it can be difficult to tell what to look for. Does a class being taught by a former stripper automatically make it good? Studios that boast about students doing fancy movements like inversions in only weeks sound good right? Pole dance studios might also offer promises that sound shiny and tempting; however, if you follow this guide, you may know exactly how to choose a pole dance fitness class in Singapore is excellent, comfortable, and most important of all – safe!

Quality of Instructor                         

The most important thing to consider when picking a class is the quality of the instructor. Former strippers teaching can be great for learning sexy floor actions that do not involve a pole, but if you need to get into the fitness and challenging factor of the dance, you want instructors that are trained.

Yes, there are actual certifications in pole dance instruction, and your instructor needs to be certified and experienced. To discover these facts out, in addition to how long they were teaching and dancing.

If any of instructors in the studio regularly compete in actual pole dance competitions, this is a sign that you are in good hands. They are much more likely to be passionate about the situation and updated on a way to dance skillfully and safely.

And if your instructor looks out of shape, run and fast!

Class Size

Classes must have 1-2 people per pole, no more. Any greater and the class receives a little unwieldy for the instructor to handle, and it also means you will be sitting out the most of the class. Imagine spending your money for a one-hour class and having to the percentage a pole with two other people. That means 20 minutes on the pole, at most… Completely frustrating, and now not beneficial both.

For this purpose, personal studio classes are a much better bet than classes at the gym which usually has lots of people in the class.


Classes must have an amazing emphasis on safety. Instructors have to make some fundamental matters clean – like how critical it’s far to wipe down the pole to keep from slipping.

Pole safety also includes instructors who teach you proper body mechanics to prevent injuries (this consists of things like now not hunching your shoulders, and proper hand and foot placement). You will know you have determined a good class when the instructor is attentive to individuals and is a stickler for proper form.

They will even now not have you ever doing fancy hints when you are not robust enough or ready. Nobody ought to be pushing you to do anything your body cannot cope with.

As an advantage, it is also great if the studio has a whole lot of mirrors – they help you spot what you are doing proper and wrong, and could help your development lots. Not to say it’s a whole lot of amusing to peer your self-looking beautiful and sexy as you dance studio rental in Singapore.