Choosing a bespoke gown in Singapore is never easy – it can take a lot of time and money to find our dream dress. With the cost of commissioning a ‘made to measure’ wedding dress often falling in line, if not cheaper than some of the top designer brands, we think brides would be barmy not to consider spending money on a dress that is tailor-made to their body and taste.

Well here is the thing…is there a difference? All dresses are made one at a time even if they are made in huge production numbers. So why not create that ‘one dress’ to perfectly fit the girl who is going to wear it.

The obvious difference would, of course, be the quality of the finished product, but if we could be sure that it would match the quality of an ‘off-the-peg’ dress with the bonus of a perfect, the tailored fit would not that be great?

When we walk, we are met with a beautiful collection of silk and lace dresses, showcased in calm and luxurious surroundings. We are greeted by a friendly face, albeit slightly puffed having run up the stairs from the workshops – we all know that running any business is never as easy as it might seem, but these ladies seem to do whatever it takes to smile through all the hard work!

With bespoke wedding dresses, it is very common for brides to be a little nervous when it comes to trying them on, so the team knows how important it is to help customers feel totally at ease. Like all the best bridal boutiques, these pros will let us choose any dresses we are keen to try on and help us get into them.

We might end up falling for the designer dress on the rail just as you see it. Or we might wish to make a few minor tweaks to the cut in order to get a better fall line in the fabric. We may end up like the top half of one dress and the skirt of another and the fabric of the first one we tried on. Well, that is all good too! They will take these elements and turn them into our dream dress the best bit is that we will know what it is going to look like as a finished design because we have chosen all our favorite cuts from the sample dresses.

Final thought

We then have to have it altered when it arrives, at extra cost, or even pay silly money at the outset for something made-to-measure. We are still quite unlikely to ever see either the designer or the person who will actually be making the alterations. At least, we know we will be heavily involved in the designing process, have a chance to review the progress at each fitting, and end up with a perfectly tailored dress, all for the same price! For more details, you can check our page at bespoke couture dresses.